Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized


Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized Seeds

Bred specifically for a close friend from NSW who lost his battle with Cancer. James was a fun loving guy who was loud and talkative and always fun to be around. He was always the life of the party and loved to fire up the Barbie along with the most potent weed he could grow. He had a peculiar tolerance to powerful Indica's. He could smoke 7 grams of the most annihilating Kush strain and still socialize and cook on the Barbie, swim, play billiards, he was amazing and he loved his weed almost as much as he loved his family.

He was frank, honest and would give the shirt off his back to help a stranger in need. He never did anyone wrong and he will be missed.

A few of us breeders agreed to let his spirit live on forever, so we finished and perfected the strain James was working on for over 25 years. He was not egotistical, so we decisided not to name the strain after his own name. But James had a love for Australia, specifically NSW because he said, “the best buds just grow better here.”

So we named this potent strain Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized in his memory, I hope he approves. It's the world's first and only strain with 60% THC, so it's an amazing accomplishment. Her THC test came in at 59.6% which isn't quite 60%, but we rounded up because it just it had a better ring for her name.


Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized

Perfect for NSW outdoor grows

Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized
  • Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized


Aussie THC 60 Bud Feminized is 60% THC mate! OMG, this will turn your head into complete rubbish


Additional information

THC Lab Report



Extremely High


Very High

Climate Zones

Cool, Mountains / High Altitude, Sunny/Mediterranian, Temperate Continental

Flowering Times

45 – 60 Days


Mostly Indica


Indoor, Outdoor


Medium, Short

Length Of High

10 – 16 Hours


Low, Medium

Seeds Per Pack




Type of Buzz

Annihilated, Body, Euphoric, Hysterical Laughter, Munchies, Pain Relief, Speachless / Powerful Stone, Time Warp, Trippy


Extremely High

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  1. Ian Smithson

    this plant has more 3x more trichomes than i had ever seen on any other plant

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